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David Leisk Electronics we offers true custom AV and network supply and installation.  Regardless of project size or scope, we attend to each installation with proper care and a high level of attention to detail.  Whether it’s the way we protect your floors with special drop-sheets, or the easy operation of our remote controls, the reliability of our systems or the friendly service and ongoing support, we’re certain that you’ll appreciate the DLE difference.

AV System design and installation

We’re constantly on the lookout for new and exciting developments in the world of residential audio visual systems, and have seen the evolution of our industry from black and white television, through to the modern, immersive home theatre system with big screen projection and surround sound.  We’re here to help find the right AV solution for your home.

Data and Wireless Networks

With the future direction of home entertainment very much headed toward streaming media, proper network infrastructure is critical to ensure reliable and seamless delivery of your entertainment experience.

With many years of experience across a wide array of products, we’ve found the optimal range of products needed in order to deliver the network performance modern homes require.  From something as simple as our fastidious cable termination and testing methods, to the choice of hardware and manner in which it is deployed you can be sure our network systems will transport your data reliably now and into the future.

Our cloud managed services allow us to perform diagnostics and updates on your system remotely, thus ensuring rapid response in case your system experiences an issue.  We are also alerted to potential problems on our managed networks, and can often solve them before you’re even aware of an issue.