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Business Music

The widespread adoption of personal music streaming services combined with the affordability of high quality personal audio hardware has seen a rise in consumer expectations for business music. This article looks at how to best meet customer expectations.

The key elements which must be addressed when considering business music systems can broadly be broken down into the categories content and delivery.


Content is the choice of music played in your business. Will you use CDs, radio, a streaming service, or a custom curated option from a specialist provider? CD and radio services have largely fallen by the wayside due to the availability of better options. Radio stations always have adverts, and streaming services alleviate the need to change CDs, so these services have gained popularity. Some companies such as Soundtrack Your Brand and Nightlife even sell their own hardware.

It’s important to note that the terms of use for personal music streaming services such as Spotify typically prohibit the use of their product in commercial environments.

We recommend using a purpose specific business music subscription service:

  • Nightlife music makes custom music playback systems which offer single or multi zone music and video playback. The nightlife system supports scheduling of playlists, volume adjustments, and even allows users to import their own graphics for “digital advertising”. Nightlife is a subscription service, with updates sent twice a month to keep music up to date and delivery new playlists. Music videos are stored locally on the nightlife hardware, so the system does not rely on an internet connection to keep running. Nightlife is our first choice for hospitality environments, and even offer a CrowdDJ function allowing guests to select songs from a list.
  • Soundtrack Your Brand is a music streaming service designed for playback in commercial spaces. Content can be streamed to hardware from makers such as AUDAC and Sonos, and Soundtrack Your Brand also sell their own player which can operate offline for up to a month in case of an internet outage.

Both these companies curate music specifically with business environments in mind. They can help ensure you have the right style of music playing at the right time of day. Features like remote administration and profanity filters are also available, and well worth implementing. Brand specific hardware means no user intervention is required to start the music – as soon as the hardware starts up it automatically plays.

Hot tip: ensure you hold an appropriate license with APRA AMCOS to play music in your business.


Delivery is the method or system by which music content is delivered into the business space. Full-range, well distributed music systems are the gold standard for business music. These allow rich, immersive music to be heard at consistent volume levels throughout the space. Even when played at low levels, the level of sound quality will be apparent.

Some businesses may require zoned sound to allow different volume levels or even different music selections in multiple areas. We use products such as Powersoft Amplifiers and wall controls, and Symetrix processors to achieve the right balance of sound throughout the space, as well as offering only the required level of control to staff. This ensures your business music system is only ever working to enhance the environment.

The JBL Professional Guide to Business Music is a fantastically well written document that explains the many aspects of business music. While it was written some 20 years ago, the core information is largely unchanged. Have a read of the guide here.

For further information on how DLE can help your business, please contact James to discuss your needs.