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Category: Knowledge base

HELP – UPS Batteries

With virtually every data network we deploy, we install a UPS (uninterruptible power supply).  The function of this unit is to stabilise power to your network in case of power interruptions or supply fluctuations ("brown outs").  This function is facilitated by an internal rechargeable battery.…...
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Foxtel IQ4 available only on satellite platform

What's this mean? If you are already on Foxtel satellite, you can order a self-install kit and have us attend to install it and upgrade you to IQ4. If you are on Foxtel cable, and your hardware develops a fault, you will be offered satellite…...
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HELP – RTI Remote issues

My remote won't charge or goes flat rapidly The battery in your remote is effectively a consumable resource, and just like a car battery will eventually require replacement.  Returning your remote to its charging cradle when you are done viewing is the best way to…...
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