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DLE now offers Cleerline Fiber

Fiber connections have many inherent benefits, not the least of which is increased bandwidth. Fiber is also not susceptible to electromagnetic radio interference, or water damage! The result is a better faster data connection.

Cleerline SSF field termination now makes quick and reliable deployment of fiber optic cabling an affordable proposition.

Several specific features which make Cleerline SSF a great choice:

  • STRONGER – Up to 10,000 times the bend longevity and up to 200 times the pull force of traditional fibers allows technicians to easily terminate SSF™ Fiber.
  • SAFER – SSF™ fiber with its patented polymer coating at the glass level is more bendable and forgiving. SSF™ glass will not puncture soft tissues, making working with fiber much safer.
  • FASTER – SSF™ is faster to terminate since fewer preparations and precautions are required. This allows termination in as little as 60 seconds, with up to 80% labor savings compared to traditional fibers.

Call us to find out how Cleerline Fiber can speed up your network today.