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Garden Sound

A garden sound system is a fantastic way to maximise the enjoyment of your outdoor living areas in the warm months of the year. DLE offers several options to extend your entertainment systems into the great outdoors.

Sheltered outdoor areas such as patios and terraces are the ideal space to use all-weather in-ceiling speakers. We use Sonance Extreme series speakers, and have installed hundreds of these units across Sydney. These speakers are designed to provide years of reliable service even in harsh marine environments, yet they look just like standard ceiling speakers. Coupled with a Sonos AMP, these speakers are a quick and affordable way to bring your music outdoors.

Spaces such as pergolas or non-covered balconies require a different approach, and in these areas we use surface mounted speakers from Sonance or Atlas IED. Both brands offer a choice of units suitable for use in outdoor environments, and there is a wide selection of sizes, colours and shapes available across the two brands.

Garden areas are the perfect space in which to use a Sonance Landscape system, which comprises Satellite speakers and in-ground subwoofers. Typically these are installed into garden beds surrounding lawns or other garden areas. We drive these systems using Powersoft DSP series amplifiers, which allows for custom tuning and plenty of headroom. The end result is a system which is visually discrete, yet can still provide amazing, full range sound across large spaces.

Contact us today for a proposal to extend your audio system outside.