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HELP – RTI Remote issues

My remote won’t charge or goes flat rapidly

The battery in your remote is effectively a consumable resource, and just like a car battery will eventually require replacement.  Returning your remote to its charging cradle when you are done viewing is the best way to prolong battery life.

Early charging cradles for B&W remotes occasionally suffer from oxidisation of the charging contacts.  If your charger illuminates pink when you place the remote into the cradle it’s likely the charger needs service.  Please bring the remote and charger to our office at your convenience and we will efficiently perform this work while you wait.

If the charger is operating properly and you still experience short batttery life, you may require a battery replacement.  Again, please bring the remote to our workshop for service – there we will measure the battery to determine its condition, and fit a genuine replacement for you if necessary.  The process is very rapid so your equipment will be back in order in no time at all.

My remote does not respond to button presses

Smart remotes are essentially tiny computers, and like computers from time to time they will “lock up” and require a restart.  If your remote becomes non-responsive, please follow the restart procedure below.  If this fails to restore functionality, it is probably the remote has suffered some kind of physical damage such as a drop or liquid spill.

To restart an early series T1b or T2b remote:

  • Place the remote face down on a soft surface
  • Slide open the battery cover on the back of the remote
  • Locate the sliding power switch near the base of the remote
  • Switch off for 10 seconds, then switch back on
  • Replace battery cover

To restart a colour touch screen T2i or T2x remote:

  • Locate the backlight button on the remote (rectangular white button beneath the Zero number key)
  • Locate the OK button at the centre of the navigation arrows
  • Simultaneously press and hold both buttons down until the remote turns off – note that this can take up to 15 seconds
  • If the remote does not automatically restart, place it on the charger to switch it back on