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Why maintenance matters

Just like a car, your AV and Data systems require periodic maintenance, but thankfully for electronic systems the process is limited to three main parts; batteries, firmware, and cleaning.

  • Batteries in devices such as remote controls and UPS units require replacement typically every 2-3 years
  • Different manufacturers periodically release firmware updates for online devices like Apple TV, Smart TV, and network hardware. Sometimes these updates are to increase security of the product, other times they enable new operational features.  Select products allow for updates to happen automatically.
  • Heat is one of the main causes of reduced service life of electronic equipment, and the unavoidable accumulation of dust exacerbates the problem.  Equipment should be kept in a clean, dust free state to prolong its life span.  Some units include cooling fans and filters which must also be cleaned.

DLE offers a maintenance service which includes a callout, replacement of batteries, application of available software updates to all devices, and thorough cleaning of your AV equipment.  Pricing varies depending on the size of your installation, so please contact us for details or to make a booking.

This amplifier failed because it was literally FILLED with years of accumulated dust
The same amplifier after the dust was removed