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While we understand that sometimes situations can be frustrating, we ask that you respect our staff are not paid to be on call 24/7. Please use mobile numbers to contact our staff only during business hours (including text messaging).

For out of hours assistance, please use the search function on our website to look for an answer or further information on the problem you are experiencing.

AVOID moving equipment or touching cables in attempts to resolve issues. Loose cables are almost never a problem, but moving equipment is likely to dislodge cabling and exacerbate any problem. We take great care to correctly configure all equipment at the time of installation – avoid making changes to settings or “resetting” devices such as internet modems. Power cycling these devices is fine, but putting a paperclip into the back to restore the factory configuration is almost certain to prevent your system working correctly.

If you need to lodge a service request, please use the form below and we will contact you on the next business day to arrange a time to attend. If you believe your request is very urgent, please indicate this on the on the page below and somebody will contact you as soon as possible.