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Immersive Hyperreal Sound now available at home with L-Acoustics Island

L-Acoustics concert sound systems are currently embraced internationally by top touring artists, iconic venues, and high profile special events. L-Acoustics is now proud to introduce a range of exclusive and scalable professional audiophile solutions—from classic stereophonic to the most advanced Immersive Hyperreal Sound—that offer the experience of a live performance.

Island’s sleekly beautiful profile conceals cutting edge technology that promises to transform listening into an act of pure artistic appreciation. Island deploys L-Acoustics audio solutions conceived for the high end professional market that have been reimagined for a multichannel platform that delivers sublime sound just for you.

Island fully envelops the listener in works of Immersive Sound Art preserved and relayed exactly as their creators intended them to be heard, thanks to the BluBubbles platform and the proprietary Blu 23.1 ultra-high resolution format. Each of the 24 audio channels draws a colossal kilowatt of power to drive a dedicated professional grade speaker, faithfully reproducing the full dynamic range of a symphonic orchestra. Even the infra-low range of the sound spectrum, barely perceptible to the human ear, can be felt as it is transmitted through the installation’s physical structure.

Download the Sound Spaces brochure here, or click here to read more about L-Acoustics Sound Art.

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