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Install day checklist

You’ve confirmed your new AV and data system order, and installation day is imminent. Before it arrives, there are a few things to get in order to allow your installation to be completed properly and in full. Here’s a helpful checklist!

For ALL installations the following applies:

  • Clean and dust free environment – before any equipment is installed it’s important that the space is sealed, dry, and free of dirt and dust. Airborne particles quickly make their way into equipment and can significantly shorten its lifespan. Equipment failure caused by excessive internal dirt accumulation may not be covered by warranty.
  • Security and insurance in check – make sure the building can be locked up, and that any equipment installed will be insured in the event of theft. DLE documents serial numbers and may photograph equipment once installed as proof of delivery.
  • Joinery secured in place – once equipment is installed into cabinetry, the interconnecting cables will likely prevent it from being moved. Ensure any operations requiring the joinery to be moved are completed prior to install day.
  • Electricity is on – from setting up equipment to charging power tools and running the vacuum to clean up, it’s important that power is available in the areas where installation is to occur. While we do carry work lights, good lighting is always appreciated!
  • Clear access to necessary spaces – if equipment needs to be installed into a store room, ensure the area has been cleared and free access is available.
  • Functional WC and running water is available on site. We hope this is self explanatory!

For AV installations the following applies:

  • Painting complete and dry – especially important for surfaces such as walls onto which televisions will be installed. Paint should be allowed to dry for a minimum of 24 hours (48 hours in winter) before any televisions are attached to the wall. This will minimise damage to the paint in case the bracket is removed in the future.
  • FOXTEL boxes (if applicable) are installed and working
  • New hardware accounts – you’ll need to setup relevant accounts for all new items you have ordered – make sure the username/email address and password are written down!
    • Apple TV needs an Apple ID. If you use an iPhone you probably already have an Apple ID, but it not you can read how to sign up for one here. Apple TV set up involves 2 factor authentication, which needs to be approved by a mobile device already logged in with the same Apple ID. Read about Apple 2 factor authentication here so as to fully understand the requirements.
    • Samsung TV account – if you are having a Samsung TV installed you will need to sign up a free account in order to download apps on the inbuilt smart tv. Sign up for a Samsung account here.
    • SONOS requires a free Sonos account for us to setup your Sonos system. Sign up for a Sonos account here.
  • Streaming service accounts – make sure you have setup accounts for any streaming services you wish to use, and you have written down your username and password for these services. Use these links to setup the services:
  • Other accounts – you should also set up accounts for any free to air “catch up” services you’d like to use (ABC iview, SBS on demand, etc)

For NETWORK installations:

  • Internet is active – in order to commission your new network and streaming media hardware, we’ll require your primary internet connection (not just a 4G backup) to be up and running. Non-functional internet will incur the additional expense of a return visit.
  • Internet Service Provider username and password is known and written down. It’s wise to have someone present who has account holder authority in case we need to call your ISP.