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Keyless entry choices

DLE offers a number of keyless entry choices using 2N IP based products. These fantastic products can be remotely managed via the 2N Cloud, which allows for rapid response to configuration change requests, with no site visit necessary.

PIN Codes are popular because they do not require the user to carry any physical items – just remember the code and you have access.

RFID tags are available in fob or card formats, and are a convenient way to provide access which can be revoked simply by returning the tag. Should a tag be lost, it can be immediately cancelled to prevent unauthorised entry. Another benefit of RFID tags is that they are contact-free.

Additional options such as Bluetooth and Fingerprint readers are also available. All these options allow multiple users to be configured, and individual users may be allowed access only at specific times. User access can also be configured with an expiry date – great if you want to allow contractors access only for a couple of weeks while works are in progress.

Most doors, gates and garages can be configured for keyless entry, and for vehicle entry a wireless transmitter “clicker” can also be integrated.

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