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Moving house – what you need to know

Moving house can be a stressful experience at the best of times. This post outlines some helpful tips to minimise the technological woes so often associated with moving.

Equipment – try to sell existing custom AV and network equipment with the property

Technology moves pretty fast, so moving house is a good opportunity to turnover existing equipment and update to new features and better performance.

Custom AV systems are typically sold with the specific property in mind, and often the components that make these systems up don’t translate well to the next property. The value in holding onto the existing tech can be minimal if the new property requires a vastly different setup.

Finally, selling the AV and network hardware with the house means you don’t have to worry about packing and transporting it!

De-personalise old equipment before you leave

If you’re leaving equipment behind that uses account info such as Apple ID, email, or streaming services it’s important to log these devices out of your accounts. Devices to which this rule applies include:

  • In-wall iPads – go to settings and make sure to log out Apple ID, Apple Store credentials, and e-mail accounts. Remove any streaming services such as Spotify, Binge, Foxtel GO, and so on. While it might seem that the easiest way to do this is to simply perform a “factory reset” on the iPad, be aware that some facilities like RTI remote panels can’t be restored if you erase the iPad. This page explains how to sign out of Apple devices.
  • Apple TV – go to settings and log out your Apple ID. Then log out (or just delete) any streaming apps from the home screen – this page explains how to do this
  • Smart TV – again, log out all streaming apps as well as any brand specific features such as “Samsung ID”
  • Security camera recorder – reset the admin password to something generic and ensure this information is passed on to the new homeowner. This is important because if the system is sold as “working”, the admin credentials are needed to operate it. If you don’t supply them you could be up for the cost of replacing the recorder
NBN FCCT Adapter
NBN HFC Adapter

NBN Adapters

If you’ve had an NBN service at your property, it will use either a black HFC adapter or a white FTTC adapter. These items belong to NBN Co and they must be left at the property.

See the adjacent images of these devices to be sure what to look for.

Internet at the new house

It’s best to get the jump on establishing your internet service well before moving day. This means one less thing to think of “on the day”, and minimises delays you’ll encounter getting the internet service up and running.

If your internet service isn’t ready when you move in, you can likely use your mobile phone to create a temporary “hot spot” – be careful not to exceed your mobile data plan allowance and the associated “bill shock” that can come with this!

We highly recommend Aussie Broadband for quality internet supply, competitive pricing, and their knowledgable and friendly Australian based support team.

Existing equipment in the new house

If you’ve bought a property which includes existing systems, there are a couple of important things to be aware of. Follow though this checklist to make sure you’ve covered these:

  • Alarm system – make sure you know all the existing codes, installer details, and contract details for any existing back-to-base monitoring service
  • Entry system – obtain all entry codes, key fob / swipe cards, remote controls, and the installer details
  • Security cameras – make sure you are provided the administrator login credentials for any existing camera system
  • Timer systems – things like lights, towel rails, watering systems, and floor heating often run on timer systems. Be sure to find out the location for these timers, as well as how to turn them off if you need to.
  • AV equipment – if there’s an existing integrated AV system in the house, make sure you have all remote controls!

If you’re unsure about the best course of action, please contact us prior to your move. Our team can help you remove your credentials from existing systems, assist with packing AV if required, and help to get you up and running at your new property.