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Large screen television

At the centre of most entertainment systems lies the television.  Recent developments in LED technology now offer customers 4K and even 8K resolution.  Separating the media input box and picture processing hardware from the panel not only allows for manufacturers to future proof their screens, but also to make them considerably thinner.  We use Samsung QLED screens, and can mount these either flat to the wall, on a pivoting bracket, or even on a motorised mechanism to allow the screen to move out of sight when switched off.

Apple TV

With so many different video streaming services available, finding a way to wrap them all into a nice single interface is an important element of any installation.  Apple TV is the answer.  With a user interface designed by Apple it’s incredibly easy to use, and with wide market adoption Apple TV supports the major streaming services such as Netflix, Stan, and Kayo as well as Australian local TV catchup apps.

Surround Sound audio

Nobody ever went home from a concert humming the light show, or the choreography.  Sound is a hugely important part of creating an immersive home theatre experience.  We use Integra AV receivers coupled with speakers from brands such as Sonance, Krix, Velodyne, and DALI to create the right sound for your space.  Perhaps more importantly yet, we offer acoustic treatment from Primacoustic to help make your room right for sound!

Multi room audio

With Sonos it’s easy to have music in every room of your home.  Portable players such as the Sonos One offer great sound from a compact form factor, while a Sonos Amp coupled with Sonance architectural speakers allows your to have a virtually invisible sound system which surrounds you with music.  Sonos can stream music from popular services like Spotify, Soundcloud or Apple Music, and control is always at hand through a suite of intuitive apps available for iPhone, iPad, Android, Mac, and PC.

Garden Sound Systems

Sonance specialise in architectural audio, and this goes beyond just the interior of your home.  Extend your music system into your garden with a Sonarray or SLS garden sound system.  DLE couple these systems with DSP amplifiers from Powersoft, and use specialist measurement techniques to optimise the system performance so you have great sound everywhere.  Best yet, the systems are discrete in appearance and blend in visually to your landscape.

Remote racking

Technology is great, but rarely would you want it on display in your home.  DLE specialises in remote rack systems which allow the “brains” 0f your entertainment system to be fitted into a suitable location out of the way and out of sight.  Rack mounted systems are not only super tidy, but also offer benefits to allow proper cooling and easier servicing of the equipment within them.  Through technologies such as HDbaseT and Video over IP, racks can be remote located at far greater distances than traditional HDMI cables used toallow – for instance a multi-storey home can be serviced entirely by a rack located in a basement store room.


Custom Control Systems

Multiple video and audio sources can be bothersome to manage – too many remotes and buttons is unsightly and invariably leads to frustration.  We alleviate the problem with custom control systems from RTI and Savant.  These systems both simplify operation of your equipment into a single, elegant handheld interface.  Additional options such asiPad control, and integration to other systems within your home are also possible.

Intercoms & Entry systems

DLE can supply, install and program 2N and Savant Intercom and keyless entry products.  Entry options include key fob, bluetooth, pin code, and fingerprint readers.  Outdoor intercoms are complemented with sleek indoor touch screen units, with and without video display. 

A range of Cloud services even allows you to answer your intercom and remotely unlock your door from your smartphone from anywhere in the world.

UniFi Networking

Solid network performance is critical to reliable delivery of streaming media content.  We use UniFi Cloud managed network product, with all hardware installed, programmed and commissioned by our own in-house technicians.  Our testing process has proved effective in assuring performance of both wireless network devices such as tablets and smartphones, and wired network devices like Foxtel, Sonos and Apple TV.   Furthermore, network firmware updates and routing changes can be implemented remotely, saving money on unnecessary callouts.

IP Telephones and PBX Systems

IP telephony is heavily tied into data network performance, hence we offer our supply and installation of IP phone systems as an additional option where we have installed a data network.  We use a combination of Epygi IP PBX and Yealink cabled and wireless handsets, and program the system to work in a manner best suited to each client.