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Television mounting heights

A common question we’re asked is how high a television should be mounted.

Many people believe a flat screen television should be mounted high on the wall in the same manner as a piece of art – unfortunately while this may be aesthetically pleasing the ergonomics of it are very poor. Craning your neck back to watch television is very uncomfortable and not conducive to enjoying your investment.

As a simple guide, we suggest the following:

  • In living rooms, sitting rooms and media rooms the bottom edge of the screen should be 800-900mm above the finished floor level. This assumes “normal” couch height and a viewing distance of 3 to 4 metres.
  • Very large screens such as 85″ will usually need to be mounted lower than this to maintain satisfactory ergonomics
  • In bedrooms, the bottom edge of the screen should be around 1200mm above finished floor level to allow for comfortable viewing in bed.

Where possible we generally suggest clients avoid mounting screens above fireplaces, as this places them at an uncomfortable height for extended viewing.