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Troubleshooting – Internet & Wifi

In the event of difficulty with accessing the internet via your DLE supplied wireless network (WiFi), it’s important to figure out if the problem is with the wifi system, or the internet connection itself. Typically our WiFi systems are very robust and built to avoid failures, and often resetting hardware can cause more problems than it resolves. Follow the steps below to work out where the problem lies, and the best course of action to take.

Is your device connected to the WiFi network? Look for the small “radar” type symbol at the top of your screen to show your device is connected to WiFi. If not, go into settings and make sure WiFi is switched ON.

Make sure you’re connected to Home Network ****** by looking for a tick mark next to the network name in the list of networks. If you’re not connected to Home Network, tap on the network name to connect. You’ll need to type in your network password then press “Join” or “Connect”.

If you are connected to the correct WiFi network and still unable to access the internet, the problem is most likely with the incoming connection. Look at the lights on your modem to see if it’s online.

If you have a Telstra Gen 2 Smart Modem, the single light on the front should be solid green. A blue light means the modem is running on the 4G backup service, which relies on the mobile data network and can be much slower than your normal service. Additionally if the mobile signal is poor where your modem is located, the 4G service is unlikely to work well.

Telstra Gen 2 Modem – GREEN is good, any other colour means problems!

If the modem is not online, turn off your wifi and proceed to your ISP’s service status page (eg: and enter your address details to check if there is a reported outage. Note that most outages and associated problems will resolve themselves with no intervention required from you. If there’s an outage, the best thing to do is simply WAIT.

If no outage is reported for your address, you can try restarting your modem by unplugging the power plug for 10 seconds then reconnecting it. Remember it will take several minutes to come back online. If this doesn’t resolve the problem, call your internet service provider and report the problem. NEVER use a paperclip or other device to operate the reset button on the modem, as this removes the settings which allow it to operate with your network.

In the event you are asked to reset your modem, explain to the ISP representative that you have an external router and wifi system in use, and your modem has been configured specially to work with this equipment. Instead, offer to restart the modem by unplugging the power momentarily. Be sure to mention that nothing has changed at your end since the connection was working.

In case all the above is working, you should then proceed to restart your entire network by switching your UPS (battery backup unit) OFF, then ON again. Do this by following the procedure below.

If none of the above resolves your network connectivity issue, please call David Leisk Electronics for further assistance.