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Cisco to UniFi trade-up offer

During March through to May 2021, DLE is offering existing customers with Cisco WiFi and Routing equipment a 15% trade-in discount to update to the latest in Cloud managed UniFi hardware. As a further incentive to upgrade, all DLE Cisco customers are eligible for a 20% discount on our Cloud Management 5 year package.

The UniFi platform offers several valuable benefits:

  • MASSIVE performance boost for WiFi devices – typically 500% data transfer speed over existing hardware
  • BETTER coverage – HD wireless access points work more effectively even through obstacles such as walls
  • DUAL BAND – both 2.4Ghz and 5GHz networks are simultaneously available from every access point, providing the perfect blend of speed and reliability
  • GREATER Security – regular firmware updates are available to ensure your wireless hardware is kept secure and up to date
  • HIGHER compatibility with modern devices – especially those on the iOS platform such as iPhone
  • CLOUD Managed Equipment – every part of the network can be remotely configured, reconfigured, and updated via the DLE Cloud controller. This saves on site visits and the associated costs, and allows for rapid response to change requests
  • SMART network management – we offer options for scheduled WiFi run times (per day), as well as a facility for you to manage network users.
Product to be traded inReplacement ProductNormal PriceDiscount Discounted Price
Cisco 800 or MX 64 RouterUniFi USG Pro 4 Router$99515%$845.75
Cisco Z1 RouterUniFi USG Router$39915%$339.15
Cisco AIR AP or AIR CAP or AIR SAPUniFi HD Access Point$69915%$594.15
Cisco 8 port switchUniFi US8 Switch$29915%$254.15
Cisco 8 port PoE SwitchUniFi US8-150W PoE Switch$39915%$339.15
Cisco SG300 series 28 port PoE switchUniFi US24-250W$79515%$675.75
Cisco SG300 series
48 port switch
UniFi US48-750W$175915%$1495.15
Other hardware may be eligible to trade in – please ask if uncertain

Contact us today for a tailored quote to update your hardware and experience networking at its best.