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What is a UPS?

A UPS or Uninterruptible Power Supply is essentially a battery backup device for network hardware.

We install a UPS into most networks for several reasons:

  • To stabilise the incoming power supply
  • To avoid network hardware rebooting during “brown outs” or other short power interruptions
  • As a sacrificial protective device

The UPS will take over supplying power to your network for a short duration during power interruptions. In case of over-voltage surges, the UPS is a buffer between the surge and your sensitive network equipment.

The UPS is not designed to run your network for extended periods during a power outage. The UPS will beep repeatedly to indicate it is operating from the battery. Eventually its battery will discharge and it will shut down. If there is an extended power outage you may need to manually switch your UPS back on after power is restored.

Similar to your car, the battery in your UPS will require periodic replacement – usually at 3 year intervals. This is often indicated by a periodic beep. Please contact DLE to arrange a replacement.